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Why choose online over live casino?

Check out my top 6 reasons why playing online is much better than going to a live casino


There are many advantages playing in an online casino which we have already talked about.

There are also disadvantages. Naturally.

The problem is, when you decide to spend some money on a casino, an obvious question comes to mind. Do you drive to a live casino, set up yourself in a casino resort, make a holiday out of it or do you stay home?


My say is play online. Most of the time. Here’s why.

Casinos are so expensive. Free drinks are usually not worth driving to the casino. Not to mention how easy it can be to get carried away. There is truly nothing like a casino at its peak hours, but that is exactly what is wrong with it. Seeing people around you , winning and laughing may easily turn an unlucky day into the worst one.

  1. Dealers are on it, too. In a live casino, the person you will interact with the most will be the dealer. Friendly, smiling, supportive. It’s easy to forget that he or she also works for the casino. None of it is sincere, I’m sure. Despite its name, the dealer not only deals. His or her main target is you. How are you feeling? Are you planning on leaving? They are trained in body language and psychology and will be ready to offer you a free drink when you show signs of leaving.
  2. The lack of options. There may not be a lot of casinos around you. And besides, even if you are in Las Vegas, you just came in. Why go anywhere else? This is often the thinking behind an unlucky streak when you start playing. You just don’t want to get up. Online casinos save you the trouble of having to leave your warm seat. But if luck is not going your way, quit. Really. Try a new sizzling hot slot, or even a new casino. A couple of clicks and you’re there.
  3. Smaller stakes, more free money. I love the fact that online, there are so many casinos. They all compete with each other resulting in more bonuses for you. Meaning that in addition to a variety of games exceeding 2000 different options which you can play for pennies if you want, you can find here some of the best deals online and get tons of free cash. Money back offers, free spins, bonuses are the most frequent at online casinos.
  4. Get your material ready. At home, you can play how or when you want. Sit down with your spouse for some poker fun or take out your best blackjack system cheat sheet, listen to your favorite music or have a movie in the background. Your house, your rules. Don’t like the casino? Leave. Here you are in control, rather than a guest at a live casino.
  5. Live Casino games. Even if you want to play with the dealer, you can do so via an online casino. Many of them have games streamed from brick-and-mortar casinos, all available in different stakes.






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